The creative process is limitless – that is the touchstone of my belief in design – and in life.  Creating uniquely sophisticated, relaxed spaces that reflex a clients needs

To establish a truly collaborative and creative experience I aspire to demystify the practices and methodologies within the design industry thus enabling my clients to better understand the nuances in texture and color; form and function, and to bring about a comfortable integrity in my design.

I created Mark Daniel Interior Design with the basic desire to bring true accessibility to the interior design field – both artistically and financially, all while offering an unsurpassed customer service often missing in everyday life. 

Because each project is as unique as everyone of my clients.  I believe I have succeeded only when my clients feel their living space truly reflects and nurtures their character, embracing their spirit, instilled and articulated through meticulous selection and placement of each and every element.

I love to incorporate styles - French and Italian; Mid-Century and Contemporary. Combining rare pieces - old and new, those one-of-a-kind finds living side-by-side,  providing what I call the "wow" factor.

This is my visual signature in design - distinctly my own.